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Have you lost the mounting brackets for your original Citroen 2CV roof rack?

We've had these high quality stainless steel / inox brackets made, using the original Citroen brackets as templates.

They are therefore a direct replacement for the originals but are better quality and they have an adjustable clamping position, so they will fit Dyanes* as well as 2CVs.

(*If your Dyane has a grey rubber strip running along each side of the roof aperture, these would need to either be removed before fitting or a section cut out for each bracket).

Each bracket assembly consists of: 1 inner plate and 1 outer plate, all the fixings necessary to mount the bracket to the car and to mount the roof-rack or roof-bar to the bracket, (all in stainless steel / inox) plus a self-adhesive foam pad.

4 brackets are required per car, but we sell them individually, (so if you've lost one, you can buy just one).

Buy 4 and get £4 off.

Roof bars: For several years we had very nice quality stainless steel roof bars made, which could be used with these brackets. However, the manufacturer can longer supply them without doubling the price, so unless we can find a more cost-effective way to produce them, without reducing quality, it seems unlikely that they will be available again. Some of our customers have bought our brackets and made their own bars.

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