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Negative Terminal Quick-Release Clamp

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A clever battery terminal clamp, which releases it's grip on the terminal post as you tilt the cover upwards, (& tightens it's grip as you push the cover downwards), enabling the battery to be disconnected quickly without the need for any tools.

It has blue plastic cover and is for the NEGATIVE terminal, (we do also have a red one for the positive terminal: see related products below).

This clamp fits a standard 16mm round negative post as used on most European cars, as long as it is in good condition (and has not significantly reduced in size). It will not fit the smaller Japanese type battery posts or the square 'ford' type posts.

Safety Note:

Many French classic cars have earthed components (such as battery mounting brackets) very close to the positive battery terminal. For this reason there is a risk of high-amp shorting when fitting a positive battery terminal. This can cause injury/fire/explosion.

When disconnecting a battery, always remove the earthed terminal first.  When connecting a battery, always connect the live terminal first and ensure that it is not touching or close to any earthed component, before connecting the earthed terminal.  Some types of replacement battery terminal may not give sufficient clearance on some cars.

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