2CV / Dyane Mirror mounting screw set


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Set of 3 Parts.

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Door mirror mounting screw-set for 2CV/Dyane.

Set includes 3 parts: 

1x Central screw, (Slotted head, countersunk, M10x1.25),

1x Internal screw*, (7mm hex head, M4)

1x Spring washer, (M4)

We also have an 8-piece mirror mounting block set, which includes these 3 parts: Click on "Accessories" above to see.

*NB: The purpose of the small internal screw is to secure the mirror assembly to both the inner and outer door-skins. Without this screw, the outer skin will flex around the mirror mounting, which leads to the metal cracking. When fitting, take care not to overtighten this small screw, as it can snap off easily if overtightened.

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