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2CV Mirror Arm, Top Quality Stainless

Highest Quality Stainless Inox Mirror Arm:

2CV, Dyane, AZU, AK, Acadiane

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Currently, in our top quality stainless range, we only have the long-straight arms in stock, suitable for Acadiane, AK, etc. However, if you are interested in our original Geco arms in short-right, short-left, long-right and long-left, please click here.

A replacement mirror arm in high-quality stainless steel, for 2CV/Dyane with original mirrors (Geco reference 22, 274, 275 or 438). (We do also have a few new original Geco arms available, which are a little cheaper and of lower quality: Click here for details).

Can also be used to replace the arms on the poor quality Cipa 35215 replacement 2CV/Dyane mirrors, (easily identified by the pealing chrome-plating and the rust!)

Please select from: (prices vary):

Short Left or Short Right, for Dyane & 2CV*.
*(With our arms you can cure the common problem of the 2CV flip-up passenger window hitting the mirror: Due to better quality control than the original Citroen/Geco arms, our arms all have the bend in the correct position and to a sugfficient angle, to allow full adjustment, for left or right hand drive cars).

Long Left, as normally fitted to AK & AZU (2CV vans).
(Can also be used on 2CV and Dyane cars, to improve rear visability when towing etc).

Long Right, as normally fitted to AK/AZU vans and most left-hand drive 2CV cars.
(Can also be used on 2CV and Dyane cars, to improve rear visability when towing etc).

Long Straight , as normally fitted to Acadiane (Dyane vans). Can be fitted to left or right.
(Can also be used on 2CV and Dyane cars, to improve rear visability when towing etc).

PLEASE NOTE: Other parts will be needed in order to fit this arm:
The fixing point at the back of the mirror head is usually corroded and seized and often breaks when attempting to undo it. The easiest way to deal with this is to replace it with a MirrorCool swivel kit. If you already have a MirrorCool silicone surround trim on your mirror, the glass and trim can be removed and re-fitted in order to fit a new swivel kit and arm. However, if you still have the original hard plastic surround, you will need the MirrorCool silicone trim kit, (click on "Accessories" above this description).

All our arms are suitable for RHD or LHD, and MANUFACTURED CORRECTLY, so even our short arms CAN BE ADJUSTED TO THE CORRECT POSITION AND ALLOW THE WINDOW TO BE OPENED/CLOSED WITHOUT HITTING THE MIRROR!: A common problem with the original mirrors is that is not possible to correctly adjustment a passenger-side mirror without it obstructing the opening of the 2CV's flip-up window. This is because many of the original arms had the bend in the wrong position, not allowing sufficient movement of the head. This means that the whole assembly has to be pivoted further back to obtain adjustment, moving the mirror closer to the flip-up window. The problem can be even more apparent if the driver's seating position is quite far forward. In order to alleviate the problem we have ensured that all our arms are made with the bend in the correct position and we have also slightly increased the angle to allow greater adjustment. For this reason our arms can be fitted to a right-hand drive or a left-hand drive cars, without any such problems.

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